I really enjoy giving talks and speaking on industry panels, and doing that more often has been a goal of mine in 2016 and 2017. If you'd like to me give any of my talks below, a new talk or appear on a panel, please don't hesitate to reach out!


Streaming Media West (11/16)

A102 - Using Analytics to Create Better Content & Personalize the End-User Experience

This session discusses how analytics tools can be used to produce more engaging video content. Learn the metrics content owners use to identify if content is sufficiently engaging an audience and how insights gathered impacts content owners creation and acquisition strategies. The session also covers what efforts are being made to personalize experiences, reviewing the tactics used to create segmented user groups and target individual users. Speakers have an open discussion about the gaps that must be bridged on the technology side to do better content personalization, prediction and the positive impact to content publishers.

Moderator: Diane Strutner, VP, Sales, Business Development - Nice People at Work

Mike Flynn, CTO - Studio71

Jeremy Stern, Analytics Architect - WillowTree

Brian Selander, EVP - Whistle Sports Network

Christopher Roselli, President, Founder - HOLLYWOODLAND

StrangeLoop (9/16)


Conversational interfaces are exploding in both development and use in 2016. Amazon’s Alexa service and their Echo are at the forefront of this exciting new interaction model but Microsoft, Facebook and others have launched conversational bots recently. Who knows, maybe even Apple and Google will let us develop on their dueling voice assistant platforms soon!

These new platforms are challenging for developers both because of the platform diversity but also because conversational user interaction is very different than interacting with a GUI. What are the differences between these platforms? What’s the best way to get started? What kind of apps work well with conversational interfaces? What are some ways to make your app as human as possible?

I’ve created several Slack integrations, worked with the Facebook Messenger bots API, developed applications on the Amazon Alexa service over the past year, and in 2015 I released go-alexa, a collection of libraries that help to create Alexa apps quickly in Go. In this talk we will cover the landscape of conversational applications, the major players and their platform strengths, some of the best practices I’ve learned, and walk through the creation of a basic Alexa Skill in Go.

Gopherfest (3/16)


Mike Flynn is the CTO of Studio71 and was previously a software architect at, a start-up consultant, and writer. He currently dabbles in various Go projects, but also works with Clojure, ReactJS, and Node.js. When he’s not making robots with his kids, he spends too much time thinking of ways to make his Echo in to JARVIS.


Streaming Media West (11/15)

A102 - Best Practices for Interacting With the Social Platforms

Hear from technical and product leaders within the multichannel network community on how to make the most out of one’s relationship with platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Learn how technical meritocracies, bleeding-edge product ideas, and unconventional integrations can lead to closer, more meaningful relationships with the platforms. Attendees hear from those who have successfully partnered with social media platforms and learn how to makes these organizations partners instead of pains.

Moderator: Mark Heyert, GOVA

Mike Flynn, CTO - Collective Digital Studio

Scott Paul, VP, Product - Maker Studios

Alex Mostoufi, CTO - Mitu Networks

Variety’s Big Data Summit (11/15)

The Transformation of Content Through Data

The transition to digital production has brought wholly new processes in storytelling, often involving formulas and equations as much as scripts and story boards. How are technology chiefs managing the digital transformation to ensure increasingly complicated assets are successfully produced and distributed across platforms? What are differences between managing data in animation versus live action production and distribution? Top studio and platform technology leaders will explore how they ensuring a great digital storytelling experience for audiences.


Jay Tucker, Chief Marketing Officer, Institute for Communication Technology Management, USC > Marshall School of Business

Speakers: Mike Flynn, CTO, Collective Digital Studio

Aaron Sloman, CTO, OWNZONES

Paul Davidson, SVP Film & TV, The Orchard

Susan Cheng, Senior Vice President, Content Management & Distribution, Warner Bros.

Kaliel Roberts, SVP Product and Technology, Digital Media, Discovery Communications

Matt Kautz, Head of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Research for Machinima.