Years: 2019 (3) 2018 (4) 2017 (2) 2016 (2), 2015 (6), 2014 (7), 2013 (1), 2012 (1)

2019 ^

Swift UI

Apple’s Swift UI is a really intriguing shift for them and a far cry from ObjectiveC in many ways. I don’t have a specific app idea, but my goal is to find some time to play with SwiftUI and see if an idea presents itself even if that idea is a personal app I will never submit to the App Store.


I’ve been slowing building out a shop in my garage to expand my abilities in to woodworking and related building/making techniques. I like to move quickly so not having a proper shop without a base level of tooling causes a decent level from frustration which hopefully I can remedy this year.

Planned Projects:

My Home Office

I’ve put a ton of work in to my home office to make it the best room in the world. Pictures are coming!

2018 ^

A Lot of Small Failed Projects

2018 was a lot of little projects that were started, weren’t working, and moved on. Just that kind of year and probably caused by a larger than normal amount of family and professional work.

Punching Rewrite

A full rewrite of my old comedy blog to move away from Wordpress and to a static site.

Punching Kitty

A House!

I bought a house. It’s not a coding project but it sure took a lot of work!

Studio71 Context

My team at Studio71 created and fine-tuned Context, a data collection and machine learning application to understand YouTube content and discern which content is brand safe.

You can read more about Context here.

2017 ^

Sense Hat Service UI

A simple physical interface for the Raspberry Pi, utilizing the amazing Sense Hat add-on, that gives you the ability to start and stop services without having to sign in to the Pi. Simple but effective!

Sense Hat UI Demo Gif

Info Sec

A huge project for me this year is to get back up to speed on information security (info sec). Like maybe kids in the 90s I had my script kiddie days, but I’ve had a blast getting back in to the scene (it’s much easier now that I can actually code) and very interesting.

I finally, after years of pining over it, made it to DefCon 25. It was amazing and has added to my excitement around info sec, both offensive (fun) and defensive (work).

2016 ^

A web app that reminds you to vote via text. Very basic site where you can sign up with all the magic in the service, written in Go, that queues up SMS messages to send via email (much cheaper).

Computer Roommate (for Comedy Hack Day SF 2016)

This project was a app you download that gives your computer a roommate. Why? Shut up, nerd! Just do it.

(To be clear, it works. It’s crazy, but it works. It’s a small OS X app shell for the UI and a service built with Go that does all the wacky stuff like changing your wallpaper, adjusting your screen brightness, or sending you messages as your roommate.)

2015 ^

Go Dash Button

A Go project that you can use to trigger actions when an Amazon Dash button is pressed. Here’s the code and here’s a little post I wrote up about it.

Humanize Her (for Comedy Hack Day LA 2015)

I went down to LA for another Comedy Hack Day and my team created “Huamize Her” which is an app that you can point at a woman to make her look like a man so you can focus on what she’s saying. We made the finals, which was great, but the projector died on us for the big show, and that was not so great.

The app started out that weekend as a web app, specifically an Android web app since iOS didn’t include the camera APIs we needed in Safari, but I made it in to a native iOS app after I got back from LA…because…I have a sickness. Here’s a demo of the completed iOS version, and here’s the repo.

go-alexa - A library to create Amazon Alexa skills with golang

I created go-alexa framework to make creating Alexa skills in Go easier and more efficient. It now has nearly 150 stars on GitHub and is one of the core non-Amazon libraries to create Alexa skills in go.

I gave a talk about the framework and conversational applications in general at Strange Loop 2016.

Amazon Alexa Skills - Various apps to add functionality to Amazon Echo

I got an Amazon echo for the same reason everyone did: I want JARVIS! I’ve been making a few apps to get a little closer to that eventual “Everyone is Iron Man” future.

…starting with a way to play Jeopardy, of course.

Egg.js - A Simple Way to Add Easter Eggs to Your Site

I always add easter eggs (little secret features) to nearly everything I write, but that’s especially true on web pages (try typing “abby” on Punching Finally I got tired to reimplementing the same easter egg code and created a small library in pure Javascript: Egg.js

Egg.js was submitted to Hacker News and it quickly made the home page. The repo on GitHub now has over 1000 stars and counting!

Quackerjack - A YouTube Comment Analyzer

A command line application (or web service) that takes a YouTube video link and returns various data points about the comments: Avg per day, total comments, top keywords and sentiment analysis.

Screenshop (for Comedy Hack Day SF 2015)

Runner Up at Comedy Hack Day SF 2015! We created an app that will fix the low battery indicator in your iPhone screenshots…and a few other things.

We’ve yet to release the app to the public, though it was fully functional outside of the last feature which was more of a joke at the time. However, after the show I made a web service, written in Go, that can turn that last feature in the demo in to a reality.

2014 ^

Remote Whoopee Cushion

An Android whoopee cushion app that gives users the best designed and largest feature set of any of the existing such apps on the Google Play store.


Available now for $0.99 on the Google Play store: Remote Whoopee Cushion



A Clojure library that allows for the easy interfacing with the new GMail API. Available via Clojars or the GitHub project page.

Conversations Plus


Ever been jealous of news broadcasters who have the benefit of having a picture of whatever their talking displayed behind them? Well don’t be! Just fire up Conversations Plus, add in a few of your favorite keywords to look for and start gabbing. Conversations Plus is a web app that monitors what you or anyone else in microphone range is saying and displays images (or sounds, or gifs!) on the screen.

Try it out:

STLToday Paywall Buster


The St. Louis Post Dispatch is my hometown newspaper (Go Cardinals!) and when they instituted a weak client-side paywall I took it as a challenge to knock it out so I can continue to read my Cardinal news. It took a 5 minutes.



A Clojure library that allows for easy use of the Beats Music API.

Available on Clojars and on the GitHub project page.

Beats Music: Sentence to Playlist


A web application, optimized for mobile, that allows the user to sign in using their Beats Music account and save the “Sentence” function as a playlist that can be downloaded and played offline.

Use it here (requires Beats Music subscription):

Beats Music Chrome App


Since there is no Mac application for Beats Music, I created a simple Google Chrome application wrapper to the Beats web interface. The app now has over 27,000 weekly users.

Available in the Google Chrome App Store here: Beats Music Chrome App

2013 ^

Punching Kitty


From 2009 to 2013 I wrote an award winning humor site about St. Louis news (where I lived at the time). Punching Kitty was a writing project for the city of St. Louis to have a little fun and try to get everyone to stop taking themselves so seriously…and hopefully highlight some critical issues along the way.

The complete archives are still online: Punching

2012 ^

Chrome Keyword Search Extension

A Chrome Extension that allows the user to automatically search on a loaded webpage for a set list of keywords. Great for identifying an article for specific keywords for ad placement.

Available on the GitHub product page.