A Clojure library to interact with the Beats Music API.

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beats-clj is available as a Maven artifact from Clojars:

  [beats-clj "0.9.2"]


Require the library in your REPL:

  (require '[beats-clj.core :as beats])

...or in your project.clj file

  (ns my-app.core
    (:require [beats-clj.core :as core]))

Be sure to set your Beats API Application Key and Secret:

  (beats/set-app-key! "xxxxxx")
  (beats/set-app-secret! "yyyyyyy")

You can see the full documentation for the library here.

While the Beats Music API documentation is here.


The Beats API has both public, meaning only an API key is required, and private, meaning an authorization token from a valid Beats Music subscriber is required, endpoints. This library does not fully implement the OAuth2 handshake as it is a server-side library. To get a user's authentication token, and instead provides the API actions that accept the authentication token as an parameter.

I've included a simple HTML file in the /resources directory that will preform the OAuth2 handshake (once configured with your application credentials) and will output your authentication token. This can be used to get tokens for testing and serve as a reference point for implementation the full OAuth2 interaction in your application.

Note: Be sure to update your Beats Application with the OAuth callback url of your test HTML file or you will get an error.


If there are any improvements or bugs, please leave an issue on the GitHub page, reach out to @mikeflynn_ on Twitter or create a pull request!


Copyright © 2014 Mike Flynn / @mikeflynn_

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.