The Orange Dog Thing

I’m fortunate that I get the chance to do some occasional (and not so occasional) traveling for work, mostly to Los Angeles. Recently I had the chance to stay at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood, which has a storied history in rock and roll, but now they just include these orange dog-like things in every hotel room. There’s zero chance I notice somethign like that and not figure out something weird to do with it…so I took the dog and make a little Instagram story with it over the three nights I stayed at the Andaz.

First encounter with ODT

ODT blocks the TV

ODT drinks from toilet

ODT wants to come too

ODT likes to be scratched

ODT wakes me up

ODT drinks from sink


No, ODT, stay here.

ODT: The End

Reaction on my Facebook (mostly family and closer friends) was mixed. Instagram didn’t care that much as I don’t have many followers, but Twitter (mostly people I don’t know) seemed to enjoy it. Not sure if picture storytelling via Instagram is something I’ll dabble in again, but it was a fun experiment even if I have to deal with people asking my why I didn’t buy the dog to take home with me (it was $250 and a bit like this had a 3 day shelf-life).