My Current Interests (May 2015)

I’d like to start listing the stuff I’m playing with these days as a way to look back and as a way to track my progress (or lack there of).

Currently working on / playing with / reading about…


My family went to Maker Faire and my daughter was really into it. All she could talk about was robots and how she wanted to make her own robot friend. We settled on a marshmallow shooter project for now (she’s only 2.75) but I need to step up my robot making skills while she levels up to the point where we can make a robot together.

3D Printing

My Solidoodle Press has been out of commission for a little while and I’ve been too busy to really dive in, but I’ve got a new RMA’d version sitting in my home office and I’m itching to get back in to all that is 3D printing.


Another hobby had to cast aside for a while that I’m looking to get back in to. I have a Hubsan H107D that I’d like to keep practicing FPV (first person view) flight in the hopes of putting the two above interests together to make my own quadcopter.

Card Tricks

I used to be pretty interested in magic when I was in middle and high school, but I’d like to get back in to it and learning it the right way. I luckily have access to a very skilled magician so I have the right books in hand, I just need to read them and get practicing!

Database and Big Data Tech

Getting a deeper understanding of the lower-level workings of databases, particularly big data is a new interest after talking to the founder of Pachyderm recently. They are being very gracious in answering my questions while living the life of crazy busy start up founders.