Screenshop - My Team's Comedy Hack Day App


Comedy Hack Day was a pretty freaking cool experience all around and made better by the following:

  1. With my background in both tech and comedy (writing), I’ve been dying to do Comedy Hack Day for a while now and just couldn’t make it work with my schedule.

  2. My team (the three of us just randomly formed in the chaos) worked our asses off to get a demo and an iOS app (I had to learn Objective C on the fly) just in time.

  3. We made the finals to do our little demo shtick at the big SF Sketch Fest!

  4. Got to be on stage performing with Scott Aukerman (comedian), Natash Leggero (comedian), Jonah Ray (comedian) and Veronica Belmont (tech personality)!

  5. We won runner up (second place)!

Here’s the demo video:

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