I Got a 3D Printer


I’m one of those 3D printer guys now. It happened a few weeks ago when my Solidoodle Press finally arrived only after a quick 3 - 4 month delay. Since then I’ve printed something right after plugging it in that looked awesome…but then I learned that it looked “OK”…then I learned how to calibrate it…then I learned how to switch to better software…then I learned how frustrating 5 or 6 failed prints in a row are…then I learned how to install Windows on a Mac so I can install different 3D printing software…then I learned that Windows wasn’t so bad if it helped me to stop making weird plastic things I throw in the trash…then I learned that looking for the next thing to print is exhausting.

It’s been a busy few weeks, but now I can do all the things that 3D printer guys do! For instance I can talk to other 3D printer guys about how that thing that looks good is actually a little bit shitty because you can see how it delaminated from the bed a little bit in the corner (Should have used a brim!). I can also walk up to non-3D printer people and interject things like, “Oh I can just 3D print that for you if you want!” (I won’t though because I’m terrible at CAD and so is most everyone else). Lastly, when people ask me about what I print after I tell them that the “Future is here!” I can shrug and say “I don’t know…mostly stuff for my kid.” I think that’s the key. I’m not saying having a kid makes any one better or some bullshit about how you truly know the value of life or blah blah blah, but having a kid does make 3D printing a little better because cranking out toys or costume jewelery to a genuinely grateful 2 year old is better than posting your prints online to be critiqued. That and I feel like single people with 3D printers are just killing time with coat hooks until that lonely weekend arrives and you try to print a sex toy. It’s the reason why they make flexible filament for stuff like…hands? Please.

Of course there are also lots of really interesting projects I’d like to use the 3D printer for and none of them will be designed to go up anyone’s butt: Quadcopters! (Yes, I’m a quadcopter guy too.) Giant Lego People! Hexapods! In fact, this 3D printer has sparked an interest in making real (read: non-digital) things that I really haven’t experienced before, which is pretty cool. It’s the future! …wanna see the bracelet I made for my daughter?


I’m on Thingiverse.